The General Store at Stackt

Discover products from over 15 emerging and unique brands from across North America including locally made, and handcrafted goods.

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The General Store at Stackt contains currated products from people ranging from local makers and artists, to emerging brands from accross North America.

Whether it’s a candle, a chair, or bag, we work with the people behind these brands. When you shop at The General Store you’re buying products from brands with a story, a history, and a future.

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We work with businesses we believe in. From startups to artists, we share one goal to help more people discover your brand.

Want to pop-up with us?

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We have packages to suit brands with budgets of all sizes, whether you’re looking to just get started with pop up retail or you want to showcase your brand to it’s full extent.

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Once you’ve booked your package, upload and drop off your inventory. We manage all of your sales and provide you with a monthly payout.

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Every brand is expected to do an in-store activation. Why? Because it allows you to engage and grow your community through our store. Brands typically see their strongest sales on these in-store activations.

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We all want the same thing, to drive sales for your brand. Our team will work with you on commnicating, positioning and merchandizing your products to move.

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